Fea Analysis

1. Simulation & analysis

Our organization has expertise in the field of modelling, polymer analysis, fluid dynamics, system modelling etc. We basically have focus mainly on non-linear and coupled systems. Cad Deziners have partnership with different software companies and provide accurate controlling, visualization and data analysis.

Impact Simulation & testing

We at Cad Deziners provide our clients with comprehensive solutions while covering areas like analysis and processing of data with the use of filtering and data truncating which provide effective information without any distortion. Our organization also focuses on failure mechanisms.

Finite Element Analysis

At Cad Deziners our experts provide advance knowledge about modelling complex and focus on nonlinear problems which take place in industry. Our experts have years of experience in anisotropy which range from composite material to several manufacturing process.

Computational Fluid analysis

We provide solutions for problems which are very complex relating to interactions between fluid/thermal and fluid/solid. Our experts also conduct analysis, simulation and modelling regarding flow cells which have compressible flow, phase change, electromagnetic heating and transfer for conjugate heat.

Heat & mass transfer

We are known to provide excellent thermal modelling for fluid and solid systems; moreover we assist customers in proper transport of chemical substances and species. During thermal analysis process we use CFD and FEA technologies which help in analysis and proper visualization of thermal profiles.

2.Failure analysis

With the use of core engineering experts of Cad Deziners provide analyses of root cause and failure for proper evaluation. Cad Deziners serve industries dealing in medical devices, energy, transportation, industrial equipment, product manufacturing and microelectronic packaging.

3.Mechanical Testing, Modelling & Validation

We are experts in the field of mechanical testing and provide services like DIC, DMA, ASTM, tests which are temperature dependent etc. Our experts also provide various modes for complex loading and also provide model validation as per the codes stated by FDA.

4.Product development

Cad Deziners play great role in the field of product design and use CAD modelling for visualization of test design, early concepts etc. Our experts also provide complete process consultation, analysis of finite element. With our guidance organizations get smooth transition, project cost gets reduced and reliability gets enhanced.